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(Participating Businesses)

Through registering & signing up as a participating business, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1) Thame Rewards Club is not responsible for and shall not be held liable for any offers, discounts, incentives, rewards and/or promotions provided by registered participating businesses/services.

2) Participating businesses have full control over what offers, rewards & incentives they provide along with the timescales that these run. Thame Rewards Club will not and cannot dictate what businesses provide.

3) Participating Businesses can cancel & amend any offer, reward and incentive at any time, but ideally must notify TRC at least 24 hours before doing so that the website and relevant social media pages can be updated accordingly.

4) Upon registering, businesses must ensure that the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date. Thame Rewards Club does not hold any responsibility for advertising offers, rewards, discounts & promotions which have been sent through incorrectly.

5) Thame Rewards Club reserves the right and has sole discretion to alter and amend the terms and conditions of Thame Rewards Club at anytime. We will notify our participating businesses accordingly.

6) Thame Rewards Club will not be liable for any losses that arise from our failure to comply with these terms and conditions that fall into the following categories
- loss of income or revenue;
-  loss of business;
- loss of profits; or
- loss of anticipated savings.

7) Thame Rewards Club Membership is non refundable once payment has been made. 

8) Upon becoming a participating business, you consent to us sending your emails regarding updates about Thame Rewards Club.


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