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Since we launched our #thinklocalfirst campaign when the COVID-19 Pandemic started, we've seen a huge increase in visitors to our website, Directory and Social Media Platforms. In the past four weeks alone we've had over 6.5k visits to our website which is amazing! As a result, we thought we'd say hello and tell you a bit about us and what we are all about!

Launched in 2019, Thame Rewards Club was set up with the aim of helping the local community discover, use and enjoy more local independent businesses that are within 5 miles of Thame. We are small independent business owners and love that our high street and local area has an amazing collection of unique, diverse and high quality independent businesses but it'll only stay that way if we regularly use and support them.

There are so many fantastic businesses in Thame itself that don't have a physical high street presence or are nestled in nearby villages, so we have been working hard to create an active bustling online 'high street' to make it easy for you to discover and use what is your doorsteps or just a short drive away. In return this should boost business visibility and ultimately help our local economy thrive. Alongside this, we created our 'Rewards Club' which provides exclusive offers for members from participating businesses to provide an added incentive to shop local. As we are also about supporting our community, 20% of what is raised from TRC membership is donated to a local charity/not for profit organisation each year. We will be opening the community nominations for this year within the next few months!


With the huge challenges that Covid-19 brings, now is a more important time than ever to support local independent businesses and shop locally for our everyday essentials. Many local businesses have been working tirelessly to continue providing products and services in a way which allows us all to stay home and save lives through providing online services, ordering and home delivery.

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To make it easy for the community to discover and find all of these great businesses who are providing new and adapted services, we created our 'Shop OX9 COVID-19 Directory' to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop so that you can continue discover and support local businesses from the safety of your home.

As many local independent businesses have had to close temporarily, we have continued to list them on our Directory as we shouldn't forget about them! As so many of you are visiting our Directory each week, this provides these businesses with great visibility. These businesses will need your support more than anyone to re-open, rebuild and survive. You can support these closed businesses now by simply liking/following them on Social Media and if you enjoy what they do/provide, leave them a review on their pages/google and share some business love!

If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to message us thamerewardsclub@gmail.com

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