The Woodworks Trading Ltd

Nestled at the top of our High Street you'll find the Woodworks Trading Ltd which is a popular, relaxed and contemporary coffee shop. At the W you'll find delicious range of freshly prepared cakes, baked goods and light bites using high quality locally sourced ingredients.

We interviewed Kim, Sellers, the owner and creator to find out more . . . .

Hello! Who are you?

Besotted, adoring mother of one, my son is my world and the reason behind starting The W. I'm Hertfordshire raised but post career in London within publishing and marketing I've never forgotten how my bosses back then supported and encouraged me all those years ago. I lived my married life abroad in Sydney and then Shanghai before returning to the UK 14 years ago (already)!

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What is your business and where do our readers find you?

We are situated on Upper High Street, just a short walk from the center of town (Chinnor end), opposite the beautiful memorial garden fountain and ponds. It's quite the idyllic spot and looking out of the front door you feel like you are right in the middle of the Cotswolds. It's a gem of a property and I knew as soon as I entered it it was just the perfect warm but light space I wanted for my coffee shop.

Why should our readers pay you a visit?

Firstly we have invested heavily in buying the best coffee we can to provide the best for our customers. Training and consistency in making coffee is also of upmost importance and what I am most proud of. Since living in Australia aged 18 I became very quickly converted to the good stuff and its been a lifelong dream to open my own coffee shop to serve exactly that, along with artisan and homemade treats with keeping our carbon footprint at the forefront of our minds.

What is the best thing about your business being in Thame?

Our customers! We have the loveliest most creative and joyful customers this side of Oxfordshire. Who said old fashioned values and manners had gone. I've never met a more lovely polite and appreciative group of customers and they make our day, its a joy to see so many familiar faces returning day after day. Its a slice of life right there on our doorstep.

What local businesses do you love?

Umberto's Italian Deli - his antipasti is the best - my weakness as and when I really want a treat and not to cook at home!

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an independent business right now?

Running a coffee shop is an expensive business. I refuse to serve or use cheap mass produced ingredients as I believe in quality over quantity - especially in today's climate. I've always been very selective in what I buy so I'm keen to offer good quality products at a reasonable price which means we have to work very hard for our dollar.

Why did you join Thame Rewards Club?

I think this is a wonderful initiative and hopefully will bring more of the community together. There is something for everyone in Thame and it would be great to see more businesses getting involved. I have always hated the big multinational companies. Having lived in China I saw child labour, animal cruelty along with so much greed and over consumerism so I've always leaned to quality independents and personal service over mass produced soulless goods.

Is there anything else we should know?

I'm not here to preach, but I do have a child who has opened by eyes to how he sees the world. We have done so much damage over the years mostly through ignorance and unknowing, but that is not an excuse anymore. We all need to respect our world and our place in it. Sadly the COVID-19 outbreak may have been the reason for many to wake up and see how we live is not sustainable, not for us and not for the next generation. If anything comes of this it is that we have one life and we need to enjoy it responsibly, remain respectful and appreciative of it not abuse it or take it for granted.

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Feeling hungry yet? Due to COVID-19 the Woodworks is temporarily closed but why not plan your visit for when they re-open......

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