Sam Osborne Illustrations (Thame)

Tell us a bit about yourself. . .

I’m Sam Osborne, an illustrator and designer. I went freelance in 2011 and haven’t looked back since as I love working for myself and being the captain of my ship. I live in Thame with my partner who also works from home. When I’m not designing I like to cook, get outdoors, potter in my garden, visit an art gallery or go and see a gig – the louder and more guitary the better. I try to get to a couple of rugby matches, some motor sport during the year and love a pub quiz.

What is your business and where do our readers find you?

I work from my sunny garden studio in Thame and my business focuses on three main areas:

  • Commercial Illustration for books and magazines, advertising, packaging, merchandise.

  • Graphic design services such as branding and brochure design.

  • An online shop where I sell a range of prints, stationery, custom portraits and gifts.

Why should our readers get in touch?

I love colour and using my creative skills to help my customers.

My commercial customers value my holistic approach to my work. Having worked for over a decade in design agencies I understand that illustration and design are only ever part of a larger whole and always take the time to get to know my customers and what they are trying to achieve with each project I take on. I love to bring ideas to life, solve tricky design problems and add colour and personality to all forms of design and communication.

For my retail customers, my online shop is always open and my colourful products will bring a splash of colour and cheer to your home. My custom portraits are a popular birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift that will be treasured for years to come.

What is the best thing about your business being in Thame?

I’ve lived in Thame most of my life and I love the sense of community in the town. People are so willing to support local businesses and each other.

What local businesses do you love?

We are extremely lucky to have so many amazing local businesses. I love going to The Book House - which might be the most peaceful place in town - to pick out new things to read, I can often be found grabbing cakes and bread from The Cornfield Bakery, I did one of their bread making courses a few years ago which was brilliant fun. We have so many great cafes such as Woodworks Trading or What’s Cooking where I regularly top up my caffeine levels. Our local pubs are amazing, especially The Six Bells and The Thatch.

Who did you last shop local with and what did you buy?

I went to Wren’s Butchers earlier this week in the middle of lockdown and they were fantastic - obviously heaps of delicious meat but lots of other food as well including pasta and milk. Amazing queuing system and staffed by helpful, smiling people!

What is one of the biggest challenges you face as an independent business right now?

Being freelance is fraught with uncertainty at the best of times but the current Coronavirus situation has obviously made that a lot worse, not knowing what is going to happen means all the usual business planning is out the window. It takes quite a bit of mental fortitude to keep showing up at your desk when it feels like the world is falling apart so motivation can also be an issue!

Why did you join Thame Rewards Club?

Because we all need to work together to ensure collective success. Community is our strongest weapon against uncertainty and I love the idea of the town banding together to help each other out. It’s also an amazing platform for my business and allows me to give back a bit to the town through offers and rewards.


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