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Everyone below contributed to the community in so many ways and collectively it really shows how amazing our community pulls together during unprecedented times! To help share stories, many received  more than one nomination so we have used one example per winner to help demonstrate why they are worthy winners! Congratulations to everyone! You will all receive a certificate containing your comments from those who nominated you. We have some contact details for some but not all, so if you know someone listed below please let us know and/or If you are named below please email us at so that we can arrange to deliver your certificate! 


Anna Harper - Anna is the youngest member of the Thame Twinning Association. When our annual visit from Montesson was cancelled in May, Anna not only suggested linking with our French friends on Zoom, she also produced a very detailed and user friendly guide for our older members to teach them how to use Zoom and enlisted the help of her younger brother Matthew, to set up and manage 2 chat rooms to enable more chat. Around 25 English and French families were able to connect thanks to their help and expertise. Other Zoom events will now be taking place thanks to Anna's initial training and patience. The Twinning association is very grateful to her for enabling us to stay connected during this challenging time.

Anthony & Ruth Taylor (Grace Church Thame) -  They organise Zoom meetings on a Sunday morning for church and Monday to Friday 830 till 9.devotional prayer time. Tuesdays afternoon meetings and Tuesday night prayer and communion meeting. Ruth has also done weekly shopping for some of the members on shielding.

Anthony Claridge (Hermes Delivery Driver and Firefighter) - Always delivers with a smile on his face and goes above and beyond to help residents with delivery issues. Finds time to say hello yet still gets the job done in super quick time! As well as that he’s a part time firefighter! I don’t know anyone who works as hard as him for the community

Barley Hill School - For supporting vulnerable families throughout lockdown even if their children were not in school. They picked up food from supermarkets and made sure every family had food and the support needed

Bethany Jones - At the beginning of lockdown in 1 week she baked around 150 cupcakes to give out for free to the elderly who were isolating to make them smile and the following week baked another 150 to give out to free for all of the NHS workers to say thank you, selfless act for kindness to bring joy to people during such a difficult time.

Corey Sandwell (Sainsburys) - He helped so many people during lockdown whilst working. We are very proud of him!

Cassie Pinnells - deserves to be nominated for everything she has done to help the vulnerable in the town both via the Town Council and on through the Love Thame Blue Hearts. She has been incredible!! Cassie supported my husband and I for 14 weeks as we were both shielding, she did our shopping and kept in touch with us to make sure we alright on a daily basis, always cheerful and made time to chat when she came to our home. Cassie done all this as well as her

full time job, an absolute treasure.

Chris Coe - For helping to set up the Love Thame helpers telephone line phone line which was such a valuable lifeline for so many during lockdown.

Love Thame Helpers (Facebook Group)  - At the start of lockdown they really quickly organised ways of helping the local vulnerable community of Thame. They organised a collection & delivery medication service at a much greatly speed than the town chemist. Along with food collection and a vital support phone number. All these amazing people showed a great community spirit and supported a large number of people that were shielding and all are volunteers. They are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

Dan & Jo Kindness (Tetsworth) During Lockdown he cooked over 90 pizzas for the village in his kitchen (Affectionately known as Papa Dans) over three nights for FREE (Some people made donations to charities) and his wife Jo Kindness delivered them to anyone who ordered them. He even went out of his way to make my daughter a gluten free one. His day job is an MRI scanner installer / engineer and he goes all over the world to do this and has diplomatic immunity as his job is so important. 

Emma Butt  - Helped mobilised the Love Thame Blue Hearts who coordinated al the volunteers to help with shopping, prescription collection etc. for the vulnerable in our community. She has been an absolute godsend to a lot of people. A deserving winner.

Emma Wainwright - She helped to establish the Love Thame Helpers Facebook Group and became a key link between the Thame town hall and people in Thame. She established herself as someone who would help anyone if she could by doing shopping or collecting prescriptions.

Rosy & Ann (Cancer Research Charity Shop) -I have had the privilege of helping the people at the Cancer research Charity shop where they are working so hard to keep up with the stock coming in. The 2 Ladies who just don't stop to take a break all day are Rosy and Ann.
you ladies are amazing!

Christina Dore -  made hundreds of face masks and initially gave them away to family and friends. They were then admired by OUR family and friends and even my husband's clients so she just kept making them for no charge!

Kay Thompson - During the lockdown, Kay set up and coordinated the pharmacy prescription deliveries for the vulnerable and isolating members of Thame community. This was a huge undertaking which Kay took on with good humour and amazing organisational skills. Kay organised the wonderful volunteer drivers to collect and deliver prescriptions throughout the day, everyday. Always making sure prescriptions were collected and delivered to those in need. When we needed to set up a similar service for Co-op food deliveries to the vulnerable and isolating members of the community, Kay was happy to share her experience with me to guide me through the process.
The administration of the pharmacy prescription deliveries must have been very time consuming. Kay did this work selflessly to help 

Sue Boyle - I wish to nominate Sue Boyle and her husband for running the online lockdown quiz from April until the 30th of Junè. It was supported by many who usually attend her charity quizes as well as peoole like me who heard about it and joined in. I'm from Banbury others were from Kendal, Holyhead Cornwall, Hartow and Coventry etc with over 100 people participating. The quizzes were great fun, something to look forward to and mark the passing of the weeks. Sue and her husband put in so much time and effort making and presenting the quizzes I would like them to see how much it was appreciated. They are very much missed now.

Edwina Gibb - I would like to nominate Edwina Gibb for allowing the hundreds of users of her land which has allowed us a pleasant place to exercise during lock down. Other land owners have not been so accommodating

Jane Homes - is a very deserving resident of Thame, selfless to a fault. She has been a stalwart help for several of her elderly neighbours, shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing, hospital appointments, able to do daily dressings for some because of her nursing background. She cuts their grass, helps out where she can. She collects all kinds of things for various charities, including 4-pint milk bottles, which she takes to the cemetery so elderly people do not have to carry heavy watering cans when tending a grave.
She is one of the most jolly persons, in spite of her lack of confidence in her own self! She takes grandchildren to swimming lessons, meeting them from school and feeding them after their swim session. All this was taking place well before any of the Covid-19 issue, so she is a long-standing help to the residents of the town!

Jude & David Brown - part of Cornerstone Church who were amazing volunteers by delivering medicine, shopping for the shielding/vulnerable, delivering medicine and leaflet delivery! 

Linda Emery - has gone above and beyond helping the local community. Nothing too much trouble, and always with a friendly smile!

Love Thame Facebook Group - Love Thame for showing the best of Our town through their FB page. Always positive which is what a town needs!

Martin Bull - He had been helping his neighbours since the start of lock down and at times shopping for 9 people at a time. He continues to help neighbours who are shielding. He was even featured in Thame out magazine as a local hero!

Michael Buggins - Worked throughout lockdown changing work practices from making latex equipment to making respiratory equipment for the UK and abroad. Also for looking out for many of his neighbours.

Moo Nowel-Smith -  she was a super star looking after all the elderly people of Tiddington and making sure they had enough food and (socially distanced) company.

Steve Hine - for little picking at the Prebendal Field, keeping it a pleasant place to exercise during lockdown.

Taruna Glover - for her involvement with managing the Love Thame helpers phone line and volunteers.

Tracey Green (Coop) -  was the key co-ordinator between the Coop and volunteer delivery drivers. Ensuring that the isolating and vulnerable received their shopping daily (part of this role was writing the risk assessment and implementation). Tracy was the best person for this role. Passionate, well organised and determined. We her friends are very proud of her.

Rosie Pearce - has been there for my family since lockdown began in March. As we are sheilding. Rosie has done shopping for us, texted to check up on us and keep me motivated. We had a lovely surprise parcel delivered to cheer us up. Over the last couple of weeks Rosie has given me a lift to Sobell house hospice to visit my husband as I dont drive and wanted to avoid public transport . I am truly grateful to Rosie. 

Ruth Taylor - of Grace Church Thame has supported me while I was shielding in many ways. She has shopped for me; she has brightened my days with gifts of flowers and beautiful, inspiring, handmade cards; she informed me and others of the weekly groceries box; she sent messages of encouragement and prays for and with me too. Her support has been such a blessing. Lockdown - in spite of starting life-saving treatment during this time - has been good.

St Mary's Church (Thame) - For  making sure we were still able to feel connected and to hear God's good word during lockdown.

Paddy Harris - Was there right at the beginning rallying others to support the vulnerable in our community. Ensuring that excess foods were redirected to charities that otherwise would have struggled. He was also key in developing the hotline number to call if you were in isolation.

Sue Brandish - During lockdown Sue has committed her time to helping others. She was quick to volunteer and get involved in prescription deliveries helping the vulnerable to get their medication and helping others who didn't feel comfortable going out. Sue has also been heavily involved in supporting the food bank including picking up food from Waitrose and making home deliveries. This involves lots of driving around, searching for addresses and having conversations to provide company. Lots of Thame residents have expressed how grateful they are for her help and support. Sue is herself in her 60s, instead of protecting herself she used the time to support others, it would be great to recognise this genuine kindness.

Thame Town Council Maintenance Team - for keeping Thame clean and tidy - always friendly and willing to help!

Dot Lister & Ken Birch - for setting up the 'Talking Team' which provided invaluable support to so many

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